Customization is set to improve, too, and with it, the potential for monetization. In 2020, DMarket, a leading trading platform for digital items, estimated the skin market alone to be worth $40B. With more brands entering virtual worlds, we anticipate these numbers to grow significantly in the next few years. We’re especially excited about the prospects of UGC, as individual players turn their labor of love into revenue-generating activities. Today, consumer-ready skin creation tools such as Customuse aim to power the rise of virtual-first apparel brands.

Further ahead — and with considerable advancements in personal AI technology — it’s possible that our avatars will start to live lives of their own. They may explore, act, and transact following previously agreed upon rules — and end up tapping virtual-only economic opportunities on our behalf.

We at BITKRAFT plan to actively support avatar-focused companies. If you’re building in this space, don’t hesitate to reach out.