Built by gamers for gamers, BITKRAFT is a global investment platform for gaming, Web3, and immersive technology.

Thought leadership since 1997

Founded by serial entrepreneurs

Global presence and strategic network

We focus on Seed , Series A , and Series B investments in game studios, gaming platforms, and gaming-related technology.


Let’s Build a Synthetic Reality®

Physical and digital worlds converge, and gaming leads the charge.

An ever increasing-time of our lives is spent in immersive, virtual worlds. In fact, entire generations are already growing up with and inside them. This convergence of the physical and digital—a trend we call synthetic reality—is led by visionary entrepreneurs in gaming and interactive media. We’re proud to provide venture capital and partner alongside these extraordinary founders.



Most active lead investor in gaming in 2020 and 2021*


Investments made


Global team members


BITKRAFT was founded in 2016 by gaming and esports veteran Jens Hilgers—founder of ESL, G2 Esports, and Bayes Holding.

*Analysis by InvestGame (Source).


We partner early—sometimes, when a company is no more than an idea fueled by creative spirit and resolute talent.


We’re a distributed team with a global presence.

Based across the U.S. and Europe, we’re among the gaming industry’s longest-standing veterans and enthusiasts—ready to meet anyone excited about the future of our sector.

Let’s talk.

Pitch your company, schedule a meeting at the next big event, or drop by one of our offices.


There are many ways in which we can accelerate your ambitions.

Together with our distinguished investors and strategic partners across the globe, we provide entrepreneurs with profound expertise, network access, and capital sources.

Sector Expertise

Gaming and esports entrepreneurs since 1997, our knowledge runs deep.

Founder Experience

Having been founders ourselves, we know the pain and the joy of building a company.

Strategic Network

We utilize our unique and global industry connections to help founders face their challenges.

Operational Excellence

Direct, distinctive, and actionable feedback. Life is too short for anything else. We get things done quickly, efficiently, and with high impact.


We’ve partnered up to bring gaming and metaverse investing to the public.

Gaming and esports as the future of entertainment—and a segue into synthetic realities.

To allow players, fans, parents, and professional investors alike to invest in this exciting industry, we’ve teamed up with Roundhill Investments to create $NERD.

Roundhill believes that esports and video games are the future of live media, sports, and entertainment. That’s why we created the first pure-play esports ETF.

Will HersheyCEO of Roundhill Investments
BITKRAFT Roundhill NERD ETF — Venture Capital for Gaming, Esports, and Interactive Media