Real-Time Voice Changer


Valencia, Spain


  • Jaime Bosch Criado (CEO)
  • Fernando Bosch (CTO)
  • Juan Bosch (CPO)
  • Jochen Doppelhammer (COO)

Immersive audio experiences for gamers, creators, streamers, and spectators.

Voicemod offers the leading voice modifier and transformer with effects capable of converting your speech into resembling a different gender, age, or creature altogether—all in real time. Their rich video game integration also supports context-sensitive voice adjustments based on in-game environments (e.g., echo effects) or events (e.g., victory celebrations).

The Company provides a broad range of voice presets and ambient effects. Their products include a simple-to-use voice-changing software, a soundboard for online games, creator tools for new voice modifications, and an SDK for developers.