Real-Time Voice Changer


Valencia, Spain


  • Jaime Bosch Criado (CEO)
  • Fernando Bosch (CTO)
  • Juan Bosch (CPO)
  • Jochen Doppelhammer (COO)

Immersive audio experiences for gamers, streamers, and spectators.

Voicemod is the industry leader in voice modification and soundboard technology. Capable of converting your voice in real-time, you can transform your sound to become anyone—or anything. With their content deeply-embedded in gaming and online culture, their tools integrate to provide sounds that perfectly complement any situation—be it a hype raid on stream, a tense in-game scene, or just funny moments with friends.

By providing a wide range of voice presets, sound bites, ambient effects, and more, Voicemod caters to everyone no matter their preference. Their core products include the Voicebox with voice-changing software, an expansive soundboard library, the Voicelab custom voice-creation tool, and an SDK for developers looking to amp up their sound.