Enjoy this conversation between legendary polymath game designer Raph Koster (Former Lead Designer of Ultima Online and Creative Director behind Star Wars Galaxies) and Scott Rupp (Founding General Partner at BITKRAFT).


After his prior standout successes in the MMO genre, Raph and his team are building Playable Worlds—a sandbox flagship game that taps into the potential of cloud-native design.

But making games can be a bumpy road to success. Raph shares exclusive insights about his entrepreneurial experience in developing some of the most renowned games ever designed.

He also talks about the ways in which today’s technology helps game designers create experiences of unprecedented depth and immersion. From vast compute power that allows for the generation of living, responsive, and persistent virtual worlds to on-demand access that enables asset streaming for cross-device play and live updates.



Gaming, Web3, and immersive technology.


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