Next-Gen Platform for Music Creation & Discovery


Brisbane, Australia


  • Stephen Philipps (CEO)

Splash offers AI-powered tools that democratize music creation for GenZ

Brisbane-based Splash uses artificial intelligence-powered tools and video games to develop new ways for users of Roblox to create, perform and interact in the social gaming world.

Currently aimed at children, Roblox’s core user-base, Splash’s technology empowers young people to not only compose their own music using an easy-to-use in-game plugin but to perform it to their friends and receive feedback in real time from a virtual crowd.

Players of Splash in Roblox can also craft their own ‘clubs’, where children can show off their creations and demonstrate their creativity by creating a dream venue.

Since 2020, Splash has amassed more than 128 million plays and averages 10 million plays per month worldwide, with more than 5.4 million people having performed live on stage in the game and 7.8 million having made music with the program.