Lowering the Barrier to Entry for Brain-Computer Interfacing

Brooklyn, NY


  • Conor Russomanno (Founder + CEO)

Open-source tools for biosensing and neuroscience.

OpenBCI’s mission is to lower the barrier to entry for brain-computer interfacing, while ensuring that these technologies are adopted into the consumer landscape in an ethical way that protects user agency and mental health.

OpenBCI’s Latest Project
OpenBCI’s latest project is called Galea. Galea is a hardware and software platform that merges next-generation biometrics with mixed reality. Galea is the first device that integrates EEG, EMG, EDA, PPG, and eye-tracking into a single headset. By combining a multi-modal sensor system with the immersion of augmented and virtual reality, Galea gives researchers, developers, and creators a powerful new tool for understanding and augmenting the human mind and body.