Developer of Non-Fungible Avatar Technology


Seoul, South Korea


  • Jinwoo Park (CEO)

Enabling the metaverse where anyone can express themselves by maximizing their digital possibilities.

OFF. is the developer of Non-Fungible Avatar (“NFA”) technology, which allows any avatar to be minted as an NFT and be used in various forms of media ranging from short form recorded video to live video calls. Future plans include using NFAs in 3D virtual worlds and games.

NFAs mark an important step towards adding broad utility to NFTs, and lean into observed user demand for NFT-as-identity usage e.g., what is seen in profile pictures (“PfP”), a fast-growing trend. OFF’s tech can be applied to both internally created avatars as well as 3rd party projects – e.g., pilot animating CryptoPunks and making them usable on Zoom calls.