Squad-Based AI-Driven Games


El Segundo, CA, USA


  • Travis Boatman (CEO)
  • Lloyd Tullues (CTO)
  • Kolbe Launchbaugh (CCO)
  • Chris Morf (COO)
  • Chris Carlson (BI / Product)

A new take on cross-platform shooters.

Carbonated Games’ first title is a multiplayer shooter game featuring a top-down view and squad-based, real-time mechanics on top of the Amazon Lumberyard game engine. It will be a mobile-first free-to-play game set in a dystopian world.

The team is led by Travis Boatman,  a mobile veteran with prior experience at Zynga, Electronic Arts, and Jamdat. The leadership team of Lloyd Tullues, Kolbe Launchbaugh, Chris Morf, and Chris Carlson share similar backgrounds from EA, Sony, Activate, McKinsey, IDG, and Blizzard.