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ArcturusBuilding tools for next generation content.

Immersive Technology
Creators of the the only capture-agnostic post-production platform for volumetric video.


Arcturus Leadership

  • KM

    Kamal Mistry

    CEO and Chairman

  • DH

    Devin Horsman


  • EJ

    Ewan Johnson


Arcturus is a global leader in volumetric video, offering a comprehensive suite of solutions for the capture, editing and distribution of volumetric projects for any industry. Founded in 2016 by visionaries and innovators from esteemed organizations like Pixar, Netflix, Dreamworks, Autodesk and Google, Arcturus began by launching “HoloSuite,” a fully agnostic SaaS post-production platform, featuring the industry-leading tools for editing, compressing and streaming volumetric video. In 2023, it expanded its offerings to include capture solutions after becoming the sole license provider of Microsoft’s Mixed Reality Capture Systems (MRCS) business. Arcturus will also continue to develop the technology, and integrate the capture solutions with its own editing and distribution tools.

As part of its efforts to bring volumetric video to a wider audience, Arcturus works closely with a wide range of customers focused on bringing volumetric humans to virtual production, sports, gaming, mixed reality and more, while also helping broadcast partners introduce new options to help expand live events.