Leading Software for Volumetric Video


Los Angeles, CA, United States


  • Kamal Mistry (CEO)
  • Devin Horsman (CTO)
  • Ewan Johnson (CPO)
  • Andy Stack (Chairman)

The only capture-agnostic post-production platform for holographic content.

Arcturus fills a crucial gap in the value chain of volumetric video creation and consumption. Its software suite comprises solutions for video editing and streaming, achieving ~100x time savings and 20-100x smaller throughput rates at the same quality vs. existing solutions, thereby making volumetric video content widely more accessible and affordable. There is today already a wide array of potential use cases, ranging from virtual performances and concerts to sports, e-commerce applications, social media, and live streaming. In the near future, gaming, movies, and marketing are expected to be disrupted by integrations of volumetric video content.