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Join an exceptional, fast-growing team and portfolio. Add your personal strengths and perspectives.

As part of our growing portfolio and ambition, we are planning to expand BITKRAFT with exceptionally smart and passionate talent. We strive to build a diverse team and appreciate applications from all backgrounds.

All positions are full-time and can be performed flexibly from any major city in the Western Hemisphere (with a preference for Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, London, or Berlin).

You can apply right here. Please find below the positions that we are actively looking to hire for. At BITKRAFT, we think outside the box. You do, too. If you don’t meet all the qualifications, but believe you could add significant value to the team, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Head of Talent

Why We’re Hiring a Head of Talent

At BITKRAFT, it is our mission to provide significant value to our founders beyond our contribution of capital, -and make a truly positive difference to our portfolio companies’ development with our team’s resources, network, and experience. Going forward, we plan to further increase our efforts around portfolio support, focusing in particular on the areas of talent acquisition as well as strategic business development. 


Your Role

As Head of Talent you provide support and services to our portfolio companies in a consulting capacity. You understand the needs and challenges of our founders and are able to provide meaningful support by advising them and leveraging BITKRAFT’s entire resources and network as well as the best matching search firms, and third-party organizations and assets where needed.


Your Responsibilities

Primary Responsibilities:

  • You will develop a strategy and support framework within BITKRAFT to best support our portfolio companies with acquiring senior and executive talent
  • You understand the talent needs and priorities of our portfolio companies and actively support them in achieving their talent objectives relative to their respective growth stages
  • You establish yourself as the go-to resource for talent needs by our portfolio companies’ founders and executives
  • You will proactively offer advice and connections to our portfolio companies on their executive talent needs as well as offer best practices on culture, talent management, and development
  • You will work closely with BITKRAFTs partners on harvesting their own professional networks for the benefit of the firm
  • You will leverage and expand  your excellent familiarity and relationships with professional search firms
  • You will proactively nurture and maintain executive level relationships in the gaming and interactive media community (e.g. by attending industry events, getting to know recruiters, etc.)
  • You will establish and maintain the BITKRAFT internal talent database as well as our externally available BITKRAFT Job Board
  • You will foster a culture of mutual support and help to lift synergies in the area of human resources among our portfolio companies
  • You will encourage and support the implementation of BITKRAFT’s diversity frameworks and other initiatives related to our portfolio companies

Secondary Responsibilities:

  • You will manage the hiring and talent acquisition process within BITKRAFT
  • You will define and implement a talent management strategy that aligns with the fund’s long-term strategic goals
  • You will create a BITKRAFT internal talent development strategy and framework



  • Multi-year working experience and passion for the gaming and interactive media sectors
  • Multi-year working experience in relevant core functions including HR, project management, and marketing
  • Proven ability to identify key hires, develop culture, and build organizational structures, preferably in rapidly growing organizations
  • Exceptional networking skills – with a solid international Rolodex already in place and a proven passion to develop new, highly relevant relationships
  • Strong experience in planning and execution; being able to manage multiple projects at one time
  • Candid and clear communications, with strong interpersonal and relationship-building skills
  • An energetic, outgoing, and authentic personality
  • Proven track record of interacting with and advising executive and senior management level positions in organizations
  • Understanding of the startup and VC landscape is an advantage
  • Team-oriented attitude and familiarity and passion for working in distributed teams and in remote working environments


Additional Information

  • Reporting to: Jens Hilgers, Founding General Partner
  • Language Skills: Flawless English, both spoken and written
  • Location: Major city in the Western Hemisphere
  • The position will likely require travel several days per month on average
  • Earliest starting date: Q4 2020
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Crypto Analyst

Your Role

We are hiring a full-time Crypto Analyst to join our firm. Your mission will be to help us find and evaluate new investments and support the team across all portfolio companies, projects, and transactions, with a particular focus on the blockchain and crypto landscape. The right candidate must be confident working autonomously with a practical ‘get-things-done’ attitude, strong communication skills, and share a great deal of passion for both the gaming and crypto industries, startups, and venture capital.


Your Responsibilities

  • Processing crypto deal flow: You will proactively work with the deal team to analyze opportunities by thoroughly assessing founder teams, strategic fit with BITKRAFT, market potential, competitive dynamics, tokenomics, product KPIs, and customer metrics or user reviews. You are able to build your own models and documentation to assist in your findings. As part of your sourcing and diligence, it is preferred that you will also make use of your own network of industry contacts.
  • Broaden BITKRAFT’s funnel: You will help to manage BITKRAFT’s deal flow pipeline as well as build relationships on behalf of the firm in the crypto x gaming communities where our exciting portfolio companies already operate.
  • Portfolio management: You will help support BITKRAFT’s portfolio management initiatives (e.g., KPI and business plan tracking, monitoring of fundraising plans, evaluating monthly financial reportings, reviewing strategy, and roadmap) to identify key areas where BITKRAFT can support or where there are synergies between portfolio companies and protocols.
  • Market trends and research: You will independently build expertise around exciting trends to uncover promising new innovations in this fast-evolving space and bring forward your own investment theses.


Your Qualifications

  • Ambition and grit
  • Degrees in computer science, mathematics, business administration, economics, finance, and/or other relevant subjects which are beneficial for this role
  • Passion for and a solid understanding of decentralized networks, as well as synergistic sectors like DAOs, NFTs, and DeFi
  • Ideally 12+ months of experience in any of the sectors described (e.g. active governance participant or community contributor)
  • Comfortable working with crypto data providers such as Nansen, Nonfungibles, DappRadar. Ability to execute custom data queries to build dashboards via platforms like Dune Analytics is a major plus.
  • Knowledge of and passion for the games and interactive entertainment sectors (including working experience in the industry)
  • Strategic mindset with sharp quantitative and analytical thinking as well as great attention to detail: analytical, fact-driven yet pragmatic working style
  • Autonomous working style, as well as  the ability to synthesize and present complex data, while getting operational and working “hands-on”
  • Demonstrated willingness to go the extra mile in uncovering new opportunities, portfolio companies, and other projects to score a big win for BITKRAFT
  • Dedication to our existing portfolio of companies and desire to proactively provide support for them
  • Strong financial modeling, and research skills
  • Team-oriented attitude and familiarity and passion for working in distributed teams and in remote working environments

Additional Information

  • Language Skills: Excellent English, both spoken and written
  • Location: Global, Western Hemisphere preferred
  • Earliest starting date: Q3 2021
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